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What to Expect  
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  What to Expect  

What to Expect when you have your first appointment?

  Initial Assessment  
  • On your first visit to our centre, our qualified therapists will need to complete a profession-specific assessment of your problems.

  • This will normally include asking detailed questions about your problems and how your lifestyle is affected

  • Our aim is to fully understand how your injury/condition affect your day to day activities, work, hobbies or sort.

  • We will try to establish what you want to achieve through the therapy and come up with a list of goals that are important to you and that we can realistically help you reach.

  • The therapist assigned to you will need to check you physically, looking for specific movement restrictions, to make a proper professional assessment of your problems. Only then can they formulate an appropriate treatment plan, specifically developed for you.

  • This assessment process will normally include exposing the injured part of your body.

  • You may prefer to wear loose comfortable clothing however; shorts and gowns are available at our centres. It is normally advisable to bring a comfortable pair of good sports shoes for any exercise sessions.

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