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Women Health

  Women’s Health  
We offer special women’s health programmes for maintaining or regaining fitness during specific times of life, e.g. pregnancy and post-partum; menopause

Our specialised therapists can help you with advice, information, exercise plans specially for:-:
  • Adolescent issues
  • Pregnancy preparing for childbirth
  • Post-natal recovery period
  • EBP exercise programmes to maximize your bone health at all ages
  • Preventing and improving stress incontinence
  • Addressing worries around the menopause
  • Halting, and improving, signs of osteoporosis

We offer a wide variety of approaches including:-

  • Education and advice on appropriate EBP exercise programmes
  • Special Ante-natal classes for pregnancy and preparation for childbirth
  • Post-natal recovery exercise classes*
  • Real-time ultrasound imaging (for re-education of pelvic floor and deep core muscle firing)*
  • Polestar Pilates-evolved exercises
  • GYROTONIC® exercises*
  • Vibration therapy exercises*
  * may not be available in every centre  
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