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  Specialised Exercises (Gyrotonic® & Pilates)  
Exercise can help you make positive lifestyle changes for your long-term benefit.

Exercise programmes can help prevent and treat diseases linked to our sedentary, stressful lifestyles, such as hypertension; diabetes; osteoporosis; cardiac problems; obesity; depression.

Specific programmes can also be developed for special times in our lives, i.e., pregnancy and post-natal or for improvement after health issues such as cardiac patients; respiratory patients; sports injuries or chronic or recurring low back pain.
  At Pantai Rehab we have invested in developing our healthcare professionals as the best experts in specialised exercise systems:-  
  • Polestar Pilates Evolved Exercise
  • GYROTONIC® Mind-Body Exercise for Total Movement Therapy
Pilates is a mind/body approach to exercise, enhancing awareness of proper body mechanics by teaching us how to stabilize our body effectively and move more efficiently. By developing the proper use of core muscle groups through our abdomen, lower back and shoulder girdle, we can learn efficient movement patterns and better posture, which we can use every day in our normal activities.
Gyrotonic® is a form of exercise developed by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian dancer who spent years of intensive study and practice of yoga. Initially an exercise method called Gyrokinesis based on spiraling, flowing, multi-directional movements to help improve strength, flexibility and coordination allowing freedom of movement without restriction to speed, motion patterns; coordination the evolution into GYROTONIC® enhanced the versatility by encompassing the Gyrotonic® pulley tower equipment.
  Role In Rehabilitation and Wellness  
The circular, spiraling and gentle undulating movements that characterize the GYROTONIC® equipment help increase the functional capacity of the spine, encouraging effective muscle patterning, allowing freedom of movement with appropriate muscle stability. In rehab, GYROTONIC® exercises allow for the protection of inflamed muscles or tendons, whilst allowing strengthening of other functional muscle groups. The physiotherapist views an injured body part as only one of many possible focal points in the body, using an holistic approach to enhance the healing capacity of the body as a whole, for optimal function.
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