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Physiotherapy is a form of health care that prevents, identifies, corrects and alleviates acute or prolonged movement dysfunction with the emphasis on mobility, an independent lifestyle and wellness. Physiotherapists provide advice and intervention treatment to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout the lifespan, with emphasis on preventive health care.

  Who We Serve  

We offer services throughout the lifespan, from the new-born to the elderly. For anybody having difficulty in the following areas:

  • Sport Injuries to work related injuries
  • Back and neck pain and postural problems due to or resulting in muscle imbalances
  • Post-operative rehabilitation, including joint arthroscopy, reconstructions or replacements
  • Overuse injuries (muscle, tendon or ligament problems)
  • Balance problems
  Physiotherapy addresses musculoskeletal, neural and cardio-respiratory systems of our bodies so we can also effectively help:  
  • Neurological deficits such as Stroke, Parkinson Disease, traumatic head injuries, cerebral palsy.
  • Respiratory problems such as asthma, chest infections, pneumonias and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases from the out-patient setting right through to ventilated cases in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Physical development problems in babies and children.
  • Women health problems including pregnancy and post-partum related problems; osteoporosis; stress incontinence.
  • Complex patterns of pain and abnormal function such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI); myofascial syndrome; fibromyalgia syndrome.
  Physiotherapists are the movement experts.
Let your physiotherapist design an individualized program to meet your needs
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