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Occupational Therapy involves a detailed assessment and treatment intervention planning aimed at increasing your independence with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) i.e. self care, homemaking tasks, and work / school and leisure activities.

Occupational Therapists can also specialise in improved functional use of the hand and shoulder function; assist children with development delays or learning disabilities to achieve their highest potential; address problems with cognition and visual perception and offer advice on appropriate assisted devices/aids when you have problems carrying out your normal ADL.

We also offer advice and counselling to both the patients and their families.

  Who We Serve  
  We offer services to children and adults who have difficulties in the following areas;  
  • Developmental delay
  • Learning disabilities
  • Loss of normal function and abilities in carrying out Activities of Daily Living
  • Cognitive problems linked to age, illness or post-surgery complications
  • Functional activities including hand and shoulder
  • Work-related limitations and problems - returning to work after injury or illness
  • Needing aids and appliances to carry out normal activities
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