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What is Rehabilitation?  
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  What is Rehabilitation?  

Rehabilitation” comes from a Latin word implying the outcome of an activity to restore ability. It has been defined as a dynamic process is helping people to gain optimum physical, mental, social and vocational capacity aiming to resume normal activities, to become as independent as possible.

True rehabilitation is when the client is the centre of an integrated process to help optimise their individual health and fitness status, to help ease the transition after illness or injury back to normal everyday life, aiming to increase confidence and self-esteem, restore personal autonomy and improve function in normal daily activities.

Professional advice is also available as a preventive step before problems develop. Rehabilitation programmes will not be limited to regaining or enhancing fitness but will also include long-term planning and advice to help prevent any future problems.

  Why Integrated Rehabilitation?  
  Our aim is to provide advice and access to flexible multi-disciplinary services delivered by a range of skilled health professionals so that whether you require help to regain your physical, occupational, language or social levels of activity we can arrange for appropriate in-putt from specialists who can integrate their treatment plans to develop an individualised approach that suits your personal needs.  
  What is Evidence Based Practice and Important?  
  Our service framework is organised along international standards of care. The rehabilitation programme should be goal-oriented so improvement can be measured and your progress evaluated. Following a full assessment of your problems our staff will discuss their findings and help plan your treatment programme collaboratively with you so you always stay in control of the overall rehabilitation process. As far as possible any treatment plan will be based on evidence from research and experience of what interventions have been proven to work and would be tailored to suit your own expectations and needs.  
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